Our firm which is growing rapidly with its quality and service concept since 1997 when we began production, continues the production with our more experienced staff in the new adress as “DND Textile”. And it will continue to be the leading company in the industry and to serve you “our valued customers” with completely renovated production institution without compromising the quality of production.


Our goal as a brand is to be a brand firstly reliable and shapes the industry with the customer expectations. We who know that the service is a duty, keep being a brand that shape the industry and to playing an active role in the global space as our priorities and We are trying to play a more active role in the textile sector with the vision we have.


As DND Textile, our primary goal is to keep our quality line, constantly update technological infrastructure and to demonstrate products that customer-oriented, quality and reliable with the way our services. With the environmental awareness and high quality production, our company continues to be one of the leading companies in the sector.


In DND Textile which is tending to the sector with innovative and the point of view of safe and quality, our quality policy constantly “refreshed and thrive” is defined. Personal and corporate development is permanent in our company and our corporate goals always provide the quality with the most appropriate fee and the most accurate way. Acting with this awareness, we always strive to deliver with the best way what expected from us and we keep customer satisfaction first.

We move considering all the latest technological trends and preferences from product manufacturing to design, from sales&marketing to investment. As a result, we are getting ways with a profile which it creates value, adds value and offers value.